Health & Safety

Click here to download TIBAH's Occupational Health & Safety Manual.

TIBAH Airports Operations Co. LTD is committed to protecting the health and safety of each passenger and employee as an overriding priority. TIBAH Airports Operations Co. LTD believes that all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented through continuous improvement and dedication to its Zero Accident Policy. Working in an injury-free workplace is the main concern for TIBAH Airports Operations Co. LTD at all levels.

  • Providing appropriate facilities for welfare at work,
  • Identifying hazards and implementing risk assessments in order to avoid the occurrence of injury,
  • Consulting with and involving TIBAH Airports Operations Co. LTD employees in matters relating to their own health and safety,
  • Ensuring that control measures and emergency procedures are in place, effective, properly used,
  • Providing training to ensure that employees are aware of any work-related hazards as well as the protection measures.
  • Providing the necessary organization, expertise and resources to ensure that there is effective management of health and safety throughout the Airport.