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Last update: 03/21/2019 17:06
Sch.Time Flight No. Destination Remark
Schedule 4:32 PM  G9 175 SHARJAH DEPARTED
Estimated 9:00 PM  MH 8207 KUALA LUMP 3:50 HRS DELAYED
Actual 5:55 PM  EK 810 DUBAI GO TO GATE
Actual 6:05 PM  SV 317 CAIRO GO TO GATE

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Souvenir Shops

In each terminal there are souvenir shops...

Dear Passengers

Passengers are recommended to be at the airport two (2) hours before the scheduled flight for international flights, one and a half (1,5) hours before for domestic flights.


Taxi Ride to city...


Rent a Car

Car rental at Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport...


Visa Procedures

If you need to obtain an entry visa at the airport, proceed to the visa desk...